Witte Zwanen

Screenshot_20191014-113913_Video Player.jpg

Witte Zwanen/White Swans

An interactive installation based upon the pre-Christian tradition of Drenthe, a province of The Netherlands. Whitin this Germanic-Saxon culture they believed that the gods were in the shape of formless energy instead of human form. Also they believed this energy lived inside trees. They performed rituals with sacred trees to come closer to their gods.

The installation is heavily influenced by the ideology of Renee Munnik who states: the more we rationalize the world around us through technology and science, the more we return to a world of mythic proportions. This through the fact that truths are unambiguously and there are reality contaminations through by example the shifting of the online and offline world.

Within White Swans the visitor is given an EEG-headband that measures brain activity and converts this into sound and video. The visual is projected upon a reflective surface that is being moved by a tree. Thereby the visitor and the tree make this magical experience.



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