Norns is an interactive installation based on the concept of the transformation that occurs on a timeline. Regarding the personal entropy one is not able to control or change the direction of the entropy. For example a warm fluid will only cool down over a period of time or a falling vase will break into shards but the shards will never form a whole vase again. Because of personal entropy we recall our past and not our future.

Within Norns I explored the idea of being able to influence the entropy by being able to alter the transformation over time. Norns does this by using ambient sound, passing it through custom written feedback cancellation software and sending it through the room the installation is in. The microphone picks up the sound again, which is slightly changed due to the accoustics of the room, and repeats this process until the original sound is no longer recognizable and a whole new sound is created. Which illustrates the transformation over time.

Because the whole set-up is based on interaction and mobility the transformation of the sound changes upon where the different carts are in time and space. Because the source of the sound changes in regard of the room the accoustics also differ therefor enabling the users to control, or influence, the sound. The big green button on the pushing handles gives the user control over the activation and through that control they contribute to the shaping of the new sound.

Very special thanks to Edwin van der Heide for guiding me in this challenging project and period of my life. ❤

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