SACROFAAG / SARCOFAGUS is a mixed media work build up by a large sized print, a custom build scanner and audio.

The work SACROFAAG / SARCOFAGUS is a work that revolves around the idea of transitioning from one thing into another after death. When we die the body starts to decompose and breaks up into all the different tiny elements that compounds our body. On a human-scale we cease to be, while on a micro-scale we transition from one state into something else. Continuing life in a transformed state.

The large print in the work, a necrogram, is a static visual made by microbial lifeforms that live in grave dirt. The microbes are placed on a photographic piece of paper, eating away the gelatinous layer and leaving a mark in it. This process takes about 8 to 9 months, referencing to the prenatal-state of life.

A large custom-made scanner travels over the necrogram reading the image in terms of luminance. The scanner takes about 75 years to travel the whole width of the necrogram. It feeds its data to a piece of audio-software made by Studio HEX made up of a granular and additive synthesis. The sound that gets produced travels the room the work is shown in and mixes with the ambient sound. Recordings are made by the work that act as a base for the granularization. Incorporating the sound made by the work and surrounding ambience. It stretches that sound and builds upon it. Layering sonic memories while producing new ones.

The whole work is transformative over time by growing and adding layers on top of the base of its creation. Transforming. Evolving. Living.

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