As a new media artist, I focus on combining mythology and technology to address scientific and philosophical questions. Each work I create contributes to the development of my personal mythology, which revolves around time, creation, and transformation.

My art explores the relationship between the past, present, and future, examining how we can use our past and mythologies to orient ourselves toward the future and shape it. Additionally, I aim to understand the impact of technology on our perception of time and reality.

With each work I create, I build on my personal mythology, resulting in a complex and multidimensional story. Time, creation, and transformation play a key role in this story. My artworks often contain elements of interactivity and digital media, blurring the boundaries of time and space and inviting the viewer to participate in a transformative experience.

I am fascinated by the possibilities that technology offers for creating new stories and reinterpreting myths. By combining these with scientific and philosophical questions, I hope to prompt people to reflect on the human experience and our understanding of the world around us.

My artworks invite contemplation, introspection, and dialogue. By building my personal mythology through each work I create, I aim to contribute to the development of a shared mythology that can inspire and connect us all.



Born in 1991 in Hollandscheveld (Drenthe), lives and works in Groningen.


2015 – 2019 (BA) Fine Arts Academy Minerva, Groningen
2013 – 2015 Editor, Noorderpoort Kunst&Multimedia, Groningen (4-year completed in 2)
2011 – 2013 (Propaedutic phase) Journalism creative writing/internet based research, Zwolle


Artist Salon – Stichting WEP 2023 (DreamTimeObjects machine plotted drawings)
Kunstpunt – De Oogst 2022 (DreamTimeObjects machine plotted drawings)
Feest van de Geest – 2022 (SACROFAAG / SARCOFAGUS)
Henrik de Vries Stipendium nominees exhibition – 2022 (LOCI)
Luna Fest – Leeuwarden 2022 (NORNS)
Noorderzon – 2019: Beving Beleving, Groningen (Beving beleving commision)
Media Art Friesland – Leeuwarden 2019 (Zwarte Zwanen)
Innovatiefestival Midden Groningen – Hoogezand 2019  (Zwarte Zwanen)
Threshold | group exhibition Groningen (self initiated)
Beyond the Lab: the DIY science movement (Universiteitsmuseum Groningen) (Affy)
Green Lights, Groningen (self-initiated)
HUL opening Night (Self-initiated)

Cancelled due to corona
Feest van de geest 2020
Terug naar het Begin festival 2020
Clash festival 2020


GRAND4 – Artist talk implementation AI in art 2023

YoungLink Robot vs Mens 2018


Nominee Henrik de Vries Stipendium 2022
Nominee Henrik de Vries Stipendium 2021
ESNS talent development | master guidance Edwin van der Heide 2020
Nominee Minerva Academy prize 2019
Nominee MAF YoungMasters 2019


Minerva Art Academy 2021 – present
Workshop specialist electronics and programming / media

Noorderpoort College Groningen 2018-present
Media Design

Academy Minerva 2020
Project week introduction to electronics and programming workshop – combination of mythology with technology.


Dagblad van het Noorden
Veelbelovend en afgestudeerd
Beklemmende bevingssensatie op Noorderzon
Oma’s wascafé
Innovatiefestival Hoogezand

Bevingbeleving Noorderzon

De Bevingbeleving lijkt heel onortodox(…)

Noorderzon begint niet sterk(…)

Earthquake experience at Noorderzon

Robot vs Mens

Look inside the studio of Davey Smand