BevingBeleving / commission


A commisioned work for the Groninger Bodem Beweging, a party that solves earth quake related damage and other structural problems in Groningen, The Netherlands. The commission was an interactive installation that revolved around the mental health problems that occur with people that live for a longer period of time in earth quake territory.

One of the many problems is people having anxiety attacks, when described they have common grounds in having the feeling of being paralyzed, nightmares and walls closing in on them. This feeling of helplesness was tried to recreate in this installation. The visitor would get into a vacuumbed which would simulate the feeling of constriction and paralyzation. Then the visitor wears a VR-glasses with an interactive visual of a nightmarish bedroom.

The idea was not to recreate the earth quake itself, but the suspense leading up to it. The insecurity and fear.

Check out this item made by local news



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